R37 is the only company that offers specially treated artist quality canvas substrate with a patented adhesive backing that is durable, repositionable and removable.

Superior Quality

R37 uses CanvasTac, a 17 mil heavy duty art canvas. We choose our medium as methodically as the artist who paints a masterpiece in the park. We believe in using the highest quality material to produce dramatic results.

Repositionable & Removable

The patented adhesive backing of the canvas allows removal while leaving walls in pristine condition.

Digital Printing Technology

All wall coverings are printed on our Océ Colorado 1640 printer powered by Canon UVgel technology. UVgel is new type of ink technology that features accurate color and size consistency making it perfect for wall coverings. It is also more environmentally friendly than traditional latex or solvent inks. UVgel ink bonds instantly to canvas, producing an images that is sharp, highly scratch-resistant and glare-resistant.

Material Specifications

CanvasTac is a Category VI, Type III Commercial Serviceability Class A material.  We test our material in accordance with ASTM D751-06 and UL723/ASTM E84. CanvasTac also has a high washability factor making it easy to remove surface stains with mild detergent!

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